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An easy and light carrier phase differential gps code that takes integrated carrier phase measurements from a ground station and a receiver and returns 2-5cm accuracy on relative positioning.

Projects Using SweetGPS

SweetGPS is currently or has at one time been used in the following research projects/products:

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How it works

Hardware requirements

Two Linux computers (gumstix, pc/104, laptop, desktop etc) connectable via TCP/IP (usually wireless), two Novatel Superstar II receivers connected to each linux computer via serial.

Software description

The software consists of two separate programs, one for the base station and one for the roving vehicle. The base station software send carrier phase gps measurements, code phase position solutions and other commands to the rover vehicle, which receives the data, combines it with its own measurements and other data to form a position solution relative to the base station using double differencing.

NOTE: Much more to come, I'm just starting to document the project. Please contact me if you are at all interested in helping out!